Thursday, February 17, 2011

February Thaw

Harbor Springs resident John Riggs takes advantage of
the warmer weather to practice his uni-cycle riding.

With warmer than normal temperatures expected until the weekend northern Michigan’s February thaw has given many area residents an opportunity to get outside and shake off a little cabin fever. Even though the ice on area lakes is now largely covered with a layer of melt water ice fishermen were out in strong numbers enjoying the warmer temps this morning.

On the down side, snowmobile and cross country ski trails may not fair so well. Snowmobile trails in many high traffic areas are now more mud than snow and non-resort cross country ski trials may wind up in pretty rough shape.

While area ski resorts, with deep base layers of natural and manmade snow will survive the warm stretch hopefully the snow in the forecast will bring enough accumulation to fill in the voids on the snowmobile and cross country trails.

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