Friday, January 29, 2010

2010 Mackinaw Mush Cancelled

According to Mackinaw Mush representative Karla Dann of Trailsend Kennel the 2010 Mackinaw Mush dog sled races scheduled to take place this coming February 6th and 7th have been cancelled due to a lack of snow. The Mackinaw Mush is an annual sled dog sprint race that is held in Mackinaw City, Michigan.

While most areas of northern Michigan have seen moderate amounts of new snow the race site has not seen enough of the fresh white powder to be able to get the trail ready before the scheduled date. “We have maybe an inch of ice on most of the trail and then an inch of fresh powder.” said Dann in a telephone conversation. “There are places on the trail that would require a foot of snow.” she noted, pointing out the beginning section of the course, “but it’s just not in our forecast.”

The Mackinaw Mush is one of the most spectator popular dog sled races on the International Sled Dog Racing Associations Michigan schedule and one of the major winter events for Mackinaw City. The last time the race was cancelled because of the weather was in 2007.

According to Dann there is no backup date for the event as in years past. “We will not be rescheduling for this year.”

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